• A Security Deposit of $750 is required to hold the reservation including the signed Hirer(s) Agreement. 
  • Deposits are returned once boat and equipment has been returned on time and providing there is no damage or missing equipment.
  • Reservations will only be confirmed once the Deposit has been paid and confirmed by the Owner.


  • Hirer(s) acknowledges a cancelled hire will incur a loss of Depoist.


  • Only the person nominated as driver and approved by the Owner is to drive the vessel.
  • The driver may not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs while driving the vessel.
  • The driver may not go further than 2 nauticle miles  from the NT coast line and stay within harbour limits as indicated on map.
  • All drivers and passengers must remain out of the water at all times as crocodiles inhabit waters in the NT.


  • In the case the vessel has not been returned within the agreed set times and the Hirer(s) have not notified the Owner one hour after the required return time, the emergency procedure will commence.
  • The vessel and equipment must be returned rubbish/bait free and undamaged with fuel tanks full.
  • Scratches will incur a minimum $50 repair fee. Repairs for major scratches and dints will require quotation for repair and be payable.
  • All care must be taken by the hirer and is liable to pay any recovery costs.
  • Any required  cleaning or unrecovered costs of damage will be deducted from the security deposit.
  • Returning the boat late without notice will incur $150 fee.
  • Overdue return of the vessel will incur a penalty at double the daily rate which must be paid each day the vessel is late. Returning the vessel earlier than the agreed time will not entitle the Hire(s) to a deduction on the agreed amount.
  • At no time is the vessel to be left unattended.
  • Maximum people on the vessel must not exceed the amount licensed to carry. 
  • Vessel may only be operated during daylight hours.


  • Hirer(s) acknowledges and agrees that if the boat is not return with a FULL tank of UNLEADED fuel they will be responsible for the cost to fill the fuel tank.
  • Hirer(s) acknowledges and agrees that this cost will be deducted from their security deposit.


  • Damage to the vessel, equipment or third party property that has not been immediately reported to the owner shall be recovered from the Hirer(s) upon Owner being notified of such an incident.


  • Vessel is insured against damage, but the Hirer(s) is liable for up to the excess $750.
  • The Hirer(s) are liable for any abuse or misuse of the vessel.
  • No property of the Hirer(s) is insured at any time by the Owner and the Owner shall not be liable for such loss.
  • Outback Boat Hire will not be held liable for any injuries or damages.